Spring 2020

Editor: Les Hendry

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Digital Star News

StarNews is produced 3 times a year and contains stories from past and present regarding 31 Squadron. It's a great way to keep up to date with current Squadron activities as well as enjoying stories from the past relived through the words of our members. The magazine is edited and produced by the 31 Squadron Association Committee.

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Tornado Commemoration Brochure

The Royal Air Force Air Media Centre published a Tornado Commemoration Brochure which is available to download for members.

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StarNews Digital or Paper Issue ?

Star News currently costs your Association approximately £500 per edition to produce and we produce 3 editions a year, therefore costing us £1500 per year. We don't currently charge a yearly membership fee unlike many of the other Associations so our funds are being depleted rapidly due to the increased costs of materials and especially the recent stamp price increase. To continue to fund Star News at these costs would mean we require a minimum of 45-50 new members per year, 2014 we had 1 new member so we clearly can't sustain this level of spending.
We need to conserve our precious funds and this is where you can help. By opting to receive your copy of Star News by digital means ie PDF/e-book and Kindle formats this will save your Association valuable funds which can be used in other areas. We don't want to stop producing Star News but simply get it to you by another medium rather than the costly printed version we currently send out.

Star News Digital Edition Or Paper Copy ?