Update from Afghanistan

It’s August in Afghanistan and the members of 31 Squadron and their Tornado GR4 aircraft are being prepared for their mission. It’s their fifth week deployed on Operation HERRICK in support of UK, ISAF and Afghan ground forces. The night team have just ‘clocked off’ and the day shift are about to ‘walk’ to their aircraft. Meanwhile the Ground Alert …

Goldstars Replace The Dambusters In Afghanistan

617 Squadron, the ‘Dambusters’, have handed over the mantle of resident Tornado GR4 Detachment at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan to 31 Squadron, the ‘Goldstars’, on 15 July 2011. The seamless transition between RAF Lossiemouth-based 617 Squadron, and 31 Squadron, from RAF Marham, will enable the sustainment of Tornado GR4 operations in Afghanistan, providing Close Air Support and Tactical Reconnaissance for …

Support the Squadron Charity Event

In July 2011 31 Squadron will deploy to Afghanistan in support of Op Herrick. Those amongst you that are old Squadron members will recall our motto In Caelum Indicum Primus, and it is back to the area of the Northwestern Frontier that we return, again directly supporting our UK troops, and those of our NATO Allies.

Welcome to the New Association website

Firstly we would like to thank you for coming to our brand new website. Over the next few months we will be populating the site with wonderful stories and articles about 31 Sqn and the Association.