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When this site was created we offered two types of membership, the first was a paid full member ( this included anyone who joined the Association in the past) and a free website membership. The paid membership has all the benefits available and you also receive Star News, the free membership you only have access to News and photos on the website.

The reason we did this was to try and encourage new members to join the paid membership and now that we have over 350 website members (paid and free) we wish to try and convert the free to paid if possible.

Paid membership will allow you to come to the Reunion weekenders.

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Goldstar Basic - This means you have a FREE website account and are NOT a paid member yet. (Or this can mean your application has not been fully processed).

Full Paid Member - You are a fully paid member of the Association and receive full access to all website content and will receive Star News. You can also apply for the 100th Centenary Celebration Weekend. You will also have a unique membership number.