Stories from the Burma Campaign

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The following pages attempt to recount a few observations and stories experienced by myself, an ex-R.A.F. pilot, during the Burma Campaign, 1942-1946. Also included is a brief summary of my training. I was involved in flying Dakotas (DC-3’s), transporting supplies to the army from India into Burma. In many places, roads were non-existent. Previously, I had made no attempt to record my experiences, but I was invited to my 31 Squadron centennial in England in October, 2015. At the same time, I had an invitation to visit R.A.F. College, Cranwell. The college commander and other dignitaries, after listening to some of my stories, insisted that I record them. This is the result. I must acknowledge the tremendous support I received from my children, while putting it all together. Without their help, it would not have happened.

John (Jock) Hunter

ex-RAF Squadron Leader