Last Tornados Out of Afghanistan

Published on Nov 14, 2014 Courtesy Video NATO Channel British Royal Air Force Tornados have taken off for the last time in Afghanistan. 31 Squadron is heading home after doing four tours in-country in recent years. Their very first tour in Afghanistan was in 1919, the Third Anglo-Afghan War. This piece includes sound bites from 31 Squadron personnel talking about …

Goldstars leave Afghanistan

The Squadron has finally left Afghanistan for the last time. Lots of great media coverage and here’s a few links to the stories / videos.

Goldstars Prepare for Afghanistan

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War Week Video

Surfing the net I discovered a new video featuring 31 Squadron

Air Commodore Peter Scott

Air Commodore Peter Scott, who has died aged 87, flew 40 combat missions with the USAF during the Korean War and played a key role in the introduction into RAF service of the Javelin all-weather fighter.