Association Standard

Following the AGM at Cambourne, it was concluded that we should push ahead with the purchase of the Association Standard. This was prompted by the work and research carried out by our event organiser, Mike Inder.

Final Design


Having our own Association Standard would enhance the atmosphere and would bring back a Military presence to our annual reunions. As well as the reunion it was felt that, where possible, the Standard could be paraded at members funerals.

When our illustrious Squadron reforms with Protector, we would hope to parade both the Squadron Standard and the Association Standard at our annual reunion.

Rather than deplete our Association Fund, we decided to make the purchase of the Standard and accessories self-funding.

Also, if you have any ideas as to what you would like to see on our Standard, please let me know; For example; The background colour….. The design…..Any inscriptions to be embroidered on the standard. It goes without saying that there will be a Goldstar on there.

31 Sqn Standard Party
31 Sqn Standard Party at RAF Cranwell
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